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Enrolling in an EarthSound Wellness Program means you’re READY for change and brave enough to take the first step. These programs are developed by industry leaders & Doctors, while integrated with Kari’s background and unique abilities, serve-up a reliable recipe for your positive change & lasting results.

Kari has streamlined her methodology into a systematic approach, providing a sense of safety & assuredness on your journey.  And although all Coaching sessions follow a process, each is customized to meet individual healing, growth & maintenance goals.

A results proven combination that cannot be found elsewhere, your desired transformation can be guaranteed!

  • You’re ready to make worthwhile change in your Life – for your Health, your Relationships & your Self … BUT
    • you may be afraid to take the next steps
    • you’re not sure what steps to take
    • you’ve have made changes before that didn’t last
  • You want to get back in touch with your Innate Wisdom
  • You need support and guidance
  • Someone to help navigate your Wellness Journey
  • You know WHAT to do but just don’t DO it! 
  • You need someone to hold you accountable, so this time, is the last time!

Currently Offering Two, 90-day Programs:

  • Energetic Wellness Transformation
  • The Power of S.E.L.F. (Soul Empowerment for Living in Fulfillment) 
  • Inquire about supporting your journey with Shamanic Energy work

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Speak with Kari one-one about your challenges & explore natural steps to relief. With her experience and abilities, you’ll receive leading-edge Holistic Guidance not found in mainstream medicine.

Kari will help you make sense of what’s going on in and around you, and help you create & navigate a plan…
Walk away feeling in control of your own Health.

Two options depending on your needs:

Mind & Body

Health & Soul


  • You recognize it’s time to course correct!
  • What you’ve been doing is not sustainable or not working
  • You need relief from Physical Pain &/or Mental Stress
  • You seek direct help, looking for Vitality and Peace


  • The Mind & Body session points apply, AND you are a Spiritual person (or want to reconnect with that aspect of yourself)
  • You are open to concept of Soul & Spirit playing a role in your overall Health & Well-being
  • You want to make a deeper connection to your own Inner Guidance
  • You want to Trust your Intuition can lead your journey into Vitality
  • You feel personally responsive to managing your own Health but certain of your current path
    NOTE: these sessions are typically coupled with Spirit-level Energy work (distance)


  • One on one
  • Single sessions or by monthly subscription 
  • By phone. Currently serving North America and Western Europe

No need to decide now. Book a Free 20min Focus call  Kari will help you figure out the best course of action. 



Kari’s signature Energy Healing modality, BioE.T. originates from a lineage of teachings, techniques & healing practices from a variety of indigenous traditions, including Incan, North American, Tibetan, & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

BioE.T. focuses on ‘whole person’ (vs. symptom) healing, and our fundamental nature;  we are Energy at various vibrational frequencies.

The root of all pain & illness is derived out of Energy patterns in the body becoming stagnant, blocked, disrupted, or unbalanced. It happens to us all and it’s happening under the surface, typically unknown until pain arises.

The BioE.T. methodology (using a set of ten Tuning Forks as the main tools), accesses, clears & adjusts your Energies back to harmony, natural rhythms & balance, making healing powerful and effective.

By addressing the underlying Energies less effort is needed over time to manage the pain/illness, resulting in greater, longer-term, & even permanent relief.


  • You’ve tried treatments in the past that have not worked
  • Mainstream approaches of symptom relief are not/no-longer appealing and you seek an alternative
  • You need help with one or more of the following, acute or chronic issue:
    • Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual Stresses
    • Acute and/or chronic pain/illness
    • Joint Pain
    • Migraines
    • Sight and Hearing issues
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Insomnia
    • Detoxification
    • Energy Balancing

Sessions include the Coaching necessary for lasting results.

* Local referrals only

To inquire about BioEnergetic Tuning Sessions, Book a Focus Call or use the Contact form below.



  This sounds like and strange & perhaps extreme statement, but does it ring true??  Our world is running low on attention to Spiritual Health at a time when it is even more crucial.

  Kari uncovered an Energetic ‘illness’ of the lower Chakras, it was showing up repeatedly in all her clients to some degree. She translated the causal & resulting Energies – which very basically, showed her the disconnect between people and our Mother Earth.

  Months later Kari discovered the Science to back up her Empathic & Intuitive observations;  the Electromagnetic Frequency of the Earth, which is essential to our Health & Well-being has decreased 80% over the past several hundred years. This explained a lot!
  There’s too much to cover here but, basically, it’s imparitive to the overall health of us all to look at ways we can support ourselves energetically.

Find ways to do so and much more in the teachings Kari provides:

Making the Spiritual Body Connection

Four full days on the quarters of Earth’s annual cycle (at the time of Equinox & Solstices)

Next cycle begins Winter Solstice 2022!
Full description and registration coming soon

Intention Formula Intensive
Full day. Possibly two ½ days
Dates TBD

Sacred Cycles Meditation: for Self-Healing, Growth and Well-being

Half day (Free to Program Applicants)

Free WebinarBalanced Living In A World of Energy (coming soon)

*Use CONTACT FORM to inquire or begin enrollment*


Spots are limited, stop wondering if EarthSound Wellness is right for you

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re here because you need some help. You need to find the right person to help you. You need to take the next step in acquiring that help.

And, it’s likely you are looking for answers to questions you haven’t yet asked...


Q:  I have a problem with a persistent physical issue and I haven’t been able to find a doctor or naturopath who can fully deal with it. Is this the type situation you can help with?

A:  Yes. I’ve helped many people find the path that leads to lasting physical relief (on many chronic issues, not limited to physical). Let’s have a conversation first, to ensure your needs are clear and certainty in my ability to help. If I cannot help you I will certainly point you in the right direction so you are not left hanging!

As an Introduction, schedule a 20 Minute Focus Call FREE for those who are new to Kari’s work. And mention the Mind & Body Session.



Q:  My friend referred me to you but I’ve never had a Coach. How do I know if it’s right for me

A:  Most of my clients are from referrals AND have not had a coach before. I find, it’s the positive change people see in their friend (or family member) that is the REAL referral, the person telling you to come to me is just the logistical next step.  “The Proof is in the Pudding” (as they say).  So the real question is, do you have some area of your life where YOU want what your friend has achieved?

If so, It sounds like a FREE Discovery Call is right for you!

Q:  My family thinks anyone outside of our MD or extended health providers are a “quack” … I’ve been brought up with that view. But I feel the need to find someone who looks at things differently because who I’ve been seeing are not helping …

A:  It may surprise you, but this is a common challenge. There are two parts here; your persistent Health/Wellness concern and your family relationship.  Respectively: I’m proud of you for reaching out in a new (‘quacky’) direction, just being curious is all that’s needed to open doors to the unimaginable. I find many people come to me as a “last resort”.  When you’ve tried so much else & feel lost, it can’t hurt right!? I suggest an easy 20 minute chat so we can say hello & just see if I can help you.

Secondly, our family and close friends are deeply connected to our sense of belonging in the world. When we think about doing something outside their norm we are fearful of losing that connection. One thing I teach my Coaching clients is the importance of Love-based decisions over Fear-based decisions. Two questions; would your family be happy to see you feeling well again?  And, considering that these steps are for your own Wellness, do you want to make this decision out of fear, or out of love – for yourself?

I should also say, everyone I have worked with this type of situation, actually ends up closer to their family.


Q:  I think you’re the right person for me to work with but I’m not ready to dive in. Do you suggest I take your free intro call now or wait until I’m ready?

A:  I never work with someone unless we’ve had an initial call – whether that call is a start to working together right away or in the future. This is not only for your certainty & clarity, but for mine as well, when I start supporting someone, I want to know that I CAN help you get the results you’re looking for. This is the first steppingstone, being sure we’re a good fit to work together. From there, if you are not ready to dive in, we can explore that and come up with a plan for your next best steps in the right direction.

Book your Free 20 Minute Focus Call now. From there, if you are not ready to dive in, we can explore that and come up with a plan


Q:  I know that seeing a practitioner who works with natural products or therapies is something I pay for out of pocket. So, how expensive does it get?

A:  Well, expense is relative. What one person see as costly, may not be to another.

Personally, I’ve learned that I have to be 100% responsible for my own Health – I’ll be honest, my experience with Western medicine was miserable. So, for me, no amount of money is too much because my Health and Wellness (and that of my children) is essential for a happy life.

That said, I do understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, so;

A) I always do my best to work around financial challenges. I run discounts and have payment options in place – I believe we should not make health decisions based on how much money we have.

B) I offer several service options of varying price-points to accommodate for individual time, energy, and financial circumstances.

C) All of my clients say in the end the financial cost was worth it without doubt. I’ve had several tell me it was worth two and even FOUR TIMES the total cost!

More Joy. Greater Vitality.
Inner Peace. Soul Fulfillment.


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