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Founder of EarthSound Wellness and BioEnergetic Tuning Therapy, Kari is driven to help others Heal & Grow, Naturally and Holistically. At the root of her unwavering support & service, is compassion for the many individuals who struggle with & even resign themselves to chronic issues, pains, stresses, unnecessary sources of suffering. And that finding a way out is always possible


A Certified Health Coach, Kari integrates a background in Leadership and Consulting, BioEnergetics, Shamanic Healing practices, Indigenous traditions and Energy Medicine. Studies in Herbology, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry & supplementation, Alternative Physical Diagnosis, and Quantum Theory.


In practice;  Kari’s Energy Medicine, Coaching, Consulting & Teaching provide a unique set of skills & abilities to compliment her knowledge base. She is a “High-degree Empath”, meaning basically, she is able to connect with almost any Energy signature/vibration and translate the information of it. This ability coupled with being a Medical Intuitive – mainly from the Biochemical perspective, Kari is able to ‘tap-in’ to one’s Energy Systems and observe nutrient imbalances and deficiencies with remarkable accuracy.  Kari has been honing these abilities, while learning to manage them with Integrity and Humility, since 1999.


Having endured many difficult challenges in her own health and wellness both before and after becoming a practitioner; from chronic physical ailments, to anxiety & depression, childhood emotional traumas, abuse, assaults, and PTSD.  Kari has explored much of the vast terrain of Natural or “Alternative” Healing, both, through various healing modalities and the deeper teachings of SELF HEALING. Her personal experience brings a trusted wisdom to the Support & Guidance she offers.

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About EarthSound Wellness

EarthSound Wellness (ESW) is supported by centuries of successful Energy Medicine and rooted in the teachings of Shamanic traditions.  An intrinsic & unwavering alignment with the Energies of Earth & Sky are fundamental to our service. While honoring the Energetics of life and the interconnectedness of all things (backed advanced Quantum Theory) weave into every facet of service.   

ESW was originally founded as a home for BioEnergetic Tuning, an Energy Healing Therapy developed by Kari in & around 2004.  With Energetics always at the foundation, over the years Kari & ESW have grown to provide Holistic Coaching & Consulting – found to be necessary for individuals to fully Heal & Grow in a lasting way.

We began with and maintain the understanding that True Health cannot be obtained through treatment of physical symptoms. Symptom relief has its place but will always be an issue if the cause is not addressed as well as factors that may seem unrelated.  For this reason, our core services offer Natural Health & Wellness Support & Guidance from a completely Holistic perspective.

Most “Holistic” approaches provide a focus on “Mind, Body, Spirit”, however the ‘Whole person’ also includes the Emotional body. Along with this, often missing aspect, other practices commonly fall short by supporting only parts of these four aspects – the “Four Bodies”.  At ESW we focus your Healing Path on fully Restoring & achieving Balance of all four aspects, so you get LASTING results. With our Support & Guidance this is made easy – you really CAN realize True Healing, and achieve & maintain a state of Thriving.  

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