“I had the most amazing ENERGY session with Kari Johansen yesterday – she does such extraordinary things, and has a super powerful ‘spiritual team’. Thank you for your special work.” x x
“Had another deep and powerful energy session with Kari Johansen yesterday.
Her knowledge of healing and soul retrieval is like no other.
She cuts through years of therapy within a few sessions. And is not focussed on just healing but also on living one’s truth.
Amazing work! Thank you.”
“Over the past few weeks, Kari has taken me deeper than anyone has every been able to.
Previously, I would have to re-explain to others what I was feeling and needing (as I am a deep soul) but nothing is beyond Kari – she truly understands soul work.
I am still unable to fully put into words what is happening but I am in a process – a deep, extra-ordinary, transformational process.”
“I wanted to let you know how powerfully we can change from within.
I came to Kari as I was so stuck in many areas.
And there were four things I deeply desired to create in my life (will keep my own counsel on these until fully manifested)!
Well we went deep, deeper than anyone has ever gone before right down to soul retrieval.
The intricate blocks I was struggling with, Kari knew exactly how to handle. Nothing was beyond her and her guides knowing what to do.
Within her bespoke programme we did so much but here are the special 5 outcomes:
Strengthened my sacral chakra (and we know how powerful this area is!)
My inner soul/spirit has been aligned
I have become the conscious creator of my life
I have truly connected to source/god
I have become more empowering in my soulmate relationship with extraordinary reflections back from him (without him knowing the changes I was making within myself)
What next?
I am wielding my personal power, growing into living my truth and self-actualising my destiny.
This work is deep beyond what most can help with, but Kari certainly can – a true spirit worker, soul supporter, coach, guide, activator of life.
Thank you so much Kari and I am so looking forward to updating you on my four special desires … part of my destiny that you helped me connect to with my truth.
Super grateful and inspired for the huge inner transformation, and the speed of dealing deep and shifting is amazing.
Huge Love & Thank You”