“I don’t know if anyone [reading this] has been feeling lost or confused. I know me personally I have felt depleted spiritually and emotionally, this has been an on-going feeling. I feel like something big is missing. I am tired of feeling sick and tired, and that’s and under statement. I haven’t felt like I know what my next step in life is, and this has affected me greatly.
I suffer daily from anxiety, and I go through cycles of depression. It has been an ongoing battle since I was a child, and I am now 28. That being said, I have been to numerous doctors and counselors practically all my life. What they do is let me talk and then prescribe medication. Unfortunately, that hasn’t really worked or gotten to the real root of the problem. I’ve been trying to find a group that I fit into when I stumbled upon Empowered Empath, and a gut feeling like this is where I needed to be.
So I took a leap of faith and had the free phone conversation with Kari, because honestly at this point there is nothing too lose! I was super nervous and already crying when we started talking, but guess what, it was okay to have all the emotions I was having.
Talking with her I instantly felt I was safe and there would be absolutely no judgment. With this connection and the feelings she was giving me I felt the ability to open up and really dig deep to a place I have never been before. This was all to figure out what has been ailing my heart, mind and soul.
Let me tell you it is an amazing feeling and I never thought it was possible! I have never been that deep and connected with myself before! It not only was my “ah ha” moment, but it gave me direction and the path I need to feel fulfilled in life. I can not believe that I have been going to these doctors and counselors all my life with no real healing, it was just more of a band aid to get me through, but with one phone call to Kari with her experience skills and tools, I feel as if she has unlocked my destiny and helped me figure out how to heal my pain.
Kari is such an amazing person, and I can not wait to continue working together, I’m extremely excited to see what else will unfold!”