“I’ve been working with Kari Johansen as my Coach, and she’s been nothing short of incredible; talk about a being who can move mountains. The much needed and desired internal shifts and alignments that she’s helped me so seamlessly transcend blow me away.
The Japanese concept of Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) made itself known to me. It’s the Japanese Secret to a Long, Happy and More Fulfilling Life. And it occurred to me that there were so many overlapping parallels that Kari had been coaching me on, one-on-one, helping me navigate my search for greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment.
Kari has been a tremendously pivotal influence, and I am so immensely grateful for her affirming presence in my life and soul journey.

When you’ve gone through so much in life, no matter how resilient you are, and no matter how determined you’ve been in maintaining your inner sanctity you can arrive at crucial forks in life’s journey out of steam, disillusioned, apathetic, agitated. You feel so weighed down, as though it’s all futile and pointless.
I had gotten to a point where life had become intolerable. I felt trapped in being unable to navigate the path I’d hoped for, for myself, on multiple levels, was running on empty and I needed help. I had always been the one to uplift and empower others, yet not a single person existed in my life up to that point, who had the right energy signature and resonance to speak to my soul, at the depth I was seeking.

That’s when Kari appeared in my life. She walked right through all my walls and began speaking directly to my soul in ways that were soothing, nurturing, calming and restorative. And for the first time, in a long time, my spirit instinctually knew it was safe to let down my guard(s), let her in and make space for the wisdom of this precious being to take root.
It’s a relationship unlike any other. I can honestly say, I have never felt more heard, reassured, encouraged, and supported. I have stopped holding my breath and come out of the turtle shell I’d withdrawn into as an empath, trying so hard to cope. I have found Kari to be so authentically receptive in that she truly just gets me—truly understanding me at such a deep level, it’s been reaffirming, validating and steadying. In this entire journey with her encouragingly by my side, I haven’t felt an ounce of judgment, or criticism, or negativity of any kind from her. She’s been perceptive, discerning, frank and insightful.

She’s the kind of person you definitely want in your soul tribe. I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life with her. They’ve been open, honest, raw, and there’s been so much internal decluttering that has occurred seamlessly and gently that it baffles me, in a good, liberating way.

It’s been refreshing having a guide who is both so accurate and a myth buster. She’s a powerfully gentle warrior who comes armed with a machete as you make your way through the overgrown wilderness. She helps open you up in ways where you feel empowered to cut through all the disempowering beliefs and misinformation that’s out there, with ease.

It’s been such a gentle process of evolving and shedding all that no longer serves me. The entire paradigm I had adopted in order to survive as an empath in today’s world, has completely shifted, in such subtle ways, and I find myself becoming more authentic to who I truly am. The entire exploration thus far has untangled so many knots, blocks and self-limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. The internal evolution that has been taking root has been joyful and freeing.

She’s even been incredible in helping me understand when my internal resistance to change begins to inhibit and interfere with my progress. To acknowledge and appreciate that the growth and fulfillment you now seek, lies beyond a comfort zone, as you undergo your metamorphosis you come out the other end with the wings that set you free, stronger and more alive than you’ve ever been.

Each person’s internal journey looks different, depending on what you’re seeking.

For me, life had begun feeling arduously long and unrelenting to where I felt despondent, completely de-energized, disillusioned and at times, numb, often resigning myself to, “Enough of this constant, bloody hell of a daily battle and nightmare! I’ve had enough of this day in and day out uphill struggle with no end in sight! This isn’t what life’s meant to be! I feel trapped! All of this is so f’ing futile and hopeless, I might as well just throw the towel in already!” … I couldn’t bring myself to meditate anymore in order to recharge, I had gotten so tightly wound up. I felt miserable. I didn’t know how I would ever find my way back, to reignite the spark within me.

In working with Kari as my coach and guide, I went from being in that state to waking up each morning excited about the possibilities each beautiful new day would hold, feeling my heart energy wrap its arms around me in a reaffirming, optimistic and loving embrace. With awareness and practice, any resistance to change that once cropped up has slowly begun fading away, allowing for positive shifts and realignments to occur more naturally, as part of my growth and metamorphosis into being true to my authentic spirit.

The meditation techniques and practices Kari has introduced me to have been more powerful and spot on than anything I’ve experienced (and I have explored many meditation traditions etc. out there over the years prior to crossing paths with Kari). Her meditation methodology has been another pivotal factor in my transition … The meditations with Kari have had a lasting effect, where in maintaining those practices, I’ve felt as though I’ve become directly connected to a power generator. Where I once felt chronic fatigue and worried as to how I was going to manage making it through the entire day, I now experience myself powered with a constant stream of nourishing energy, connected to an infinite power Source.

Five sessions into working with her, what I have to say is, “Where have you been all my life Kari?!”

She is a remarkable being, whose presence, guidance and wisdom I greatly value and cherish.

If you truly cherish yourself and are ever presented with the opportunity to work with Kari as your coach, do so, for it will be amongst the most fulfilling gifts you could ever give yourself; one that will last you a lifetime.”