“I first met Kari at an Inipi ceremony (Sweat lodge/purification lodge).
Through my coaching sessions with Kari I have had the pleasure receiving some great support in many areas.
Working at a Homeless shelter and being the Front-Line Supervisor of a very dynamic team is no easy task. Kari helped me create an intention and set goals, that have helped me stay focused and committed to my work, myself and to my family. I have been able to work toward finding a healthier balance between work life and personal life by setting clear boundaries for myself.
Having someone checking in weekly and holding you accountable goes a long way to maintaining truth, importance and achieving what you set out to do. Through various breathing exercises, mental rehearsals, dialogue about sabotage and other activities I was able to gain clarity and keep my goals in site.
I have had the joy of experiencing increased confidence and trust in the universe. I know that my goals are attainable and realistic and by simply putting my intention out there while anchoring it reminds me that there are many energies at play, a lot more than meets the eye.
I feel grateful for Kari’s generosity through her work and the opportunity to learn and grow. Her gentle, kind, patient nature is such a gift to anyone needing extra guidance and support as they move through life.
I feel that I benefited in many ways, self-reflection and gaining deeper understanding of myself and what is important to me is always such a blessing. Kari helped me highlight these things and supported me as I explored solutions, ideas, other perspectives. I specifically loved that she started every session by asking me “what was going well for me” I appreciated this because it helped me to remember to focus on the good stuff.
Most of all I really enjoyed Kari’s positive encouragement and attitude and admired her commitment and devotion to her work.”