“I think I was born depressed. And not at all pretty. I would fantasize about love. I had no patience. If I wanted something I couldn’t wait for it to come along – like love. My inner melody was, “here I go again, trying to make things happen”… Suicide was on my mind often – especially the day I called Kari.
She talked and I listened. That was not an easy accomplishment for a know-it-all like me, but everything she told me made sense. She taught me how to breathe – how to relax. She taught me that I was worthy of love, how to love myself and how to accept others as they are. She is my searchlight and showed me how to climb out of the blackness of the despair of depression.
I learned how to eat proper food. The importance of clean air and water. And those vegetables! They are energy foods. I lost 30 lbs. without even being conscious that I wasn’t dieting.
I am delivered from the curse of depression. Kari taught me how to live and be well. I am a Senior Senior. Means – I am old – but I feel renewed and regenerated. And I don’t need that love to come to me. I share it now, from the heart with others.
Kari at EarthSound Wellness, Natural Health Consultant, Wellness Coach & Shamanic Energy Practitioner (Miracle Worker!) Is it a wonder? She helps you HEAL YOURSELF.
PS – I’m playing a Mantovani CD. For the first time in 45 yrs I put music on. I’m healing.”