“I started working with Kari as my coach, and she as grown to be my spiritual guide. During my first program with Kari, spirituality was not even on my radar, and it wasn’t until my second program that I came to realize spirituality was a big area of lack in my life. Through my third program with Kari, she supported me to unearth a deeper connection within myself and ultimately with the universe, and this has had a powerful, and incredibly positive impact on every relationship in my life. With Kari’s intuitive guidance, I have been able to tap into the true flow of my life and am also able to identify when I am acting out of misalignment and have the tools to take corrective action myself. I am eternally grateful for Kari coming into my life. Her support and expertise has been a rock for me during some of the most difficult times in my life: the miscarriage of my first pregnancy, and my first year of marriage that has posed many challenges. Kari has also supported me through some of my most joyous moments: my pregnancy and birth of my daughter. As a result of the work I have done with Kari, I have completed writing my first book, gotten back to my passion of dance, and am deeply present and full of joy daily as I raise my beautiful daughter, who was born after my second program with Kari. I am also confidently on the path to a healthy and happy marriage. And, I am excited to dive into my fourth program with Kari and uncover even more of my greatness!”